O2 is Bringing Michael Bublé to Augmented Reality

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's a long-standing meme on the internet that claims Michael Bublé spends 10 months of the year hibernating, only to emerge around the Christmas period to do his thing. Bublé has actually popped up early this year, just like the Christmas chocolate in my local Tesco. He's partnered with O2 in a move that will bring him into the world of augmented reality.

Apparently Bublé has a big gig at London's O2 Arena this Saturday, which makes the timing of this AR experience very convenient. Almost as if some people in marketing did it on purpose or something. O2 claims that this is the first time anyone has done this sort of thing with a musician, and the point of the app is to have Bublé appear on screen in a puff of smoke and interact with fans.

Bublé lovers can pose for selfies with the singer, while the phone user alters his position to get the perfect shot. Fans can also interact with the singer as he beckons them over, kisses them, or gets down on one knee to propose. Apparently there's a twist with that last one, though O2 won't tell us what it is.

The feature will be available from tomorrow in the O2 (Android and iOS versions), with a Bublé-less update set to roll out on 1st October. So you've only got until then to play around with the virtual Michael and act as though you actually met him inside your living room. Unless you put off updating the app, in that case you could theoretically keep him around for the lifespan of your phone. I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, even if you are his biggest fan, but hey.