OnePlus Announces Type-C Bullets Earphones

By Kim Snaith on at

Going hand-in-hand with the news that OnePlus' next handset won't have a 3.5mm headphone jack, the company has just unveiled a new set of headphones: the Type-C Bullets that connect via USB-C.

Priced at £15.99 – the same price as the Bullets V2 – they're super cheap compared to most other flagship phones' branded earphones. Granted, they're not wireless, like the Bullets Wireless, but it's good to know that OnePlus is making earphones very accessible in the wake of the news that it's removing the standard jack.

Compared to the Bullets V2, which were very well received, the Type-C bullets have supposed improved sound quality thanks to a built-in DAC. They also have a higher dynamic range and a higher signal-to-noise ratio – which is basically a fancy way of saying they sound better than the previous generation.

The Type-C Bullets also include a built-in microphone, so the headphones can be used for hands-free calling.

There's no definite release date for the Type-C bullets just yet but there's a Q4 release window. They'll release alongside the next phone - presumably the OnePlus 6T, which is rumoured to launch in October.