OnePlus Confirm That The 6T Won't Have a Headphone Jack

By Kim Snaith on at

Those headphone jacks in mobile phones are disappearing faster than bread from supermarket shelves after a snowflake falls to the ground. The latest mobile phone to be losing a headphone jack is OnePlus' next handset, presumably the OnePlus 6T.

TechRadar interviewed OnePlus' co-founder Carl Pei to find out more information about the new handset, and more importantly, why the company has decided to ditch that all-important headphone jack. "Making a great phone doesn't mean putting every component available into the device," Pei said. "You've got to make decisions that optimise the user experience."

Essentially then, removing the headphone jack is a decision that's not been made lightly, and instead is one that OnePlus believes improves the overall build of the phone. Pei also went on to explain that more and more of OnePlus' userbase has already adopted wireless headphones – he quoted 59%, but expects that figure now to be higher thanks to the company launching its own wireless headphones, the Bullets Wireless.

That still leaves a potential 41% of customers who don't have wireless headphones though, and thankfully OnePlus has considered them, too. Pei confirmed that there'll be an adaptor in the box that will allow people to use 3.5mm headphones normally.

Pei also explained some of the benefits that removing the headphone jack has allowed for. Most importantly, extra space inside the body of the phone has allowed for a bigger battery, which means an improved, longer battery life. Exactly how much bigger is unknown until the OnePlus 6T and its specs are revealed, but Pei is quoted as saying that the difference would be "substantial enough for users to realise".

We're expecting the OnePlus 6T to arrive in October or thereabouts, so we'll have more information on the upcoming handset soon. [TechRadar]