OnePlus Has Something Planned for January, but is it the OnePlus 6T or Something Else?

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 6 arrived back in May, and as per the usual cycle it's fair to expect the OnePlus 6T anytime in the next few months. But we haven't heard a whole lot about the thing, which is unusual considering we've already started hearing plenty of rumours about the Galaxy S10 and next year's iPhones. So what gives? Maybe it has something to do with a mystery announcement OnePlus is teasing for 15th January next year.

The official OnePlus account on Chinese social network Weibo has posted an image teasing the 15th January as a date of some importance, but otherwise revealed no details. Setting aside a date four months in advance is enough to raise a lot of questions, but the fact that this is just three days after the end of CES raises a whole lot more.

It probably won't be the OnePlus 6T, since leaked details of a partnership with American network T-Mobile claim it'll arrive sometime in October. Waiting until January would also be a move contrary to an official statement from back in May, which said OnePlus had no intention of changing its biannual release strategies. But January would be way too early for the release of the OnePlus 7, and wouldn't give the 6T much time to shine. So what's going on?

It's possible that this is something totally new, perhaps a new handset of some kind. The company has already expressed a desire to release one of the world's first 5G smartphones, which would align quite well with an early January launch. It's very unlikely that OnePlus would be *the* first company to release one, since announcements have already been made from other companies. Not to mention the fact that 5G phone hardware is likely to be quite prominent at CES.

But we can speculate all we like, there's no chance we'll be finding out before January. But that's probably what OnePlus is counting on, so all aboard the hype train everyone! Choo choo. [Weibo via TechRadar]