OnePlus is Being Sued Over Using the Term 'Dash'

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in May the EU rejected OnePlu's application to trademark the name of its fast charging system, because the name 'Dash Charge' was too similar to other products trademarked by both Amazon and headphone manufacturer Bragi. For that reason OnePlus announced it would be rebranding Dash Charge to something less problematic. We haven't much about that in the months since, though the timetable may accelerate now Bragi has revealed its intention to sue OnePlus over use of the Dash name.

For those who don't know, Bragi is a German company that specialises in developing proper wireless headphones under the name 'Dash Pro'. While it seems unlikely that anyone would get confused between that and OnePlus's proprietary fast charging system, just as they wouldn't confuse the headphones with Amazon's Dash buttons, they're still going after the Chinese phone maker. What's more, the company is using the fact that both the EU and US patent offices refused a Dash Charge trademark in its case against OnePlus.

This lawsuit isn't an isolated incident either, since Bragi has filed a similar lawsuit with a federal court in the US over the same thing. Clearly it's very unhappy that OnePlus is using the word Dash in its products, and intends to stop the company using such a common word. There's no word on how it feels about Amazon's Dash Buttons, however, though I imagine suing Amazon is a whole different league of legal shit.

Interestingly OnePlus responded to the fact the EU rejected its trademark application by announcing Dash Charge would inevitably undergo a rebrand - filing an application for 'Warp Charge' in July. While there are no legal issues preventing the company from continuing to release fast charging products under the Dash Charge name, it's likely OnePlus wanted something it owned in full - likely to avoid situations like this. That said because the Warp Charge application hasn't been approved yet, Dash Charge has stuck around.

Engadget suggests that Bragi is simply doing this in an attempt to protect its own trademarks. While OnePlus seems content with the fact that it won't have Dash Charge around for much longer, the company might be trying to send a message to any other companies that may potentially dilute the Bragi brand by using the word 'Dash' in their marketing.

We'll have to see how this plays out, and what it means for future OnePlus products - especially given the imminent launch of the OnePlus 6T.