Original Pickled Humans Exhibit Sets up Permanent Home in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Body Worlds exhibition, which tours plastinated and skinned human remains around the world to both the horror and amazement of locals, is setting up a permanent home in London. That'll be a nice thing for the tourists.

Gunther von Hagens's collection of bodies will be housed on the former Ripley's site near Piccadilly Circus from October, when the educational-slash-voyeuristic show comes to town. It's educational, of course, as there will be interactive elements to the exhibition, which will encourage healthy lifestyles and show kids that fatty livers are both visually unappealing and physically threatening to their future lifespans.

Peter Tabernal, the man behind the London Body Worlds franchise, said of the anonymised corpses: "They trigger something. They make you aware of how hard your body works to keep you healthy and safe. We drink, we smoke, we live in bustling cities and at the same time our body does everything to try to counter those influences. I have always found it fascinating." [Body Worlds London]