Parents Want Their Kids to Tell Them About Homework and Tidying Up

By Kim Snaith on at

As reported by the BBC, communications app ClassDojo has carried out research to determine the top 10 phrases parents most want to hear come out of their darling children's mouths. ClassDojo surveyed a panel of 1,000 parents to find out the things they'd most like to hear from their school-age children – and the results are mostly about being tidy, doing schoolwork, and generally being perfect little angels. Of course, practically no child in the history of the world has ever uttered any of these sentences.

Top of the survey, with 35% of parents wanting to hear this, was "the toys are all tidied away completely and put in the right boxes." That seems like a bit of a mouthful – I'm not sure why "I've tidied up" wouldn't suffice, but then I suppose that doesn't confirm that items have been tidied into the correct location. I guess that's the operative thing, here.

Following that, the second most desired phrase parents want to hear from their kids is "let me tell you about what I learnt at school today". 27% of parents want to know more about what little Jackie and Johnny are getting up to at school and feel like they're not getting enough information about it.

Also making the cut were "I've got myself ready, so I can go to bed early" (haha, in  your dreams), "I think I've watched enough TV for one day", and "I can see you're on the phone, so I'm going to play quietly" (not a chance in hell, mums and dads). [BBC]