Paul McCartney Gets on the Celebrity Children's Book Bandwagon

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hundreds upon hundreds of celebrity-written children's books out there are about to be joined by one penned by the most famous of all the famous people, with no less a famous person than Paul 'Literally The Most Famous Man On The Planet' McCartney announcing his debut as the author of a quirky illustrated book for kids. Like he really needs a new niche to dominate.

Joining the heaps of quirky illustrated books for kids by famous people on the desks of Waterstones in 2019, Hey Grandude! is about a magical old man who has adventures with his grandkids, but that's not important. What's important is that it'll say "By Paul McCartney" at the top of the page, probably in an expensive and embossed fifth colour, so old-ish people shopping for presents for the grandkids will be more likely to pick it up.

It'll be out in September of next year, with illustrations provided by Kathryn Durst. Only buy it if your target child already has all the Elmers and a Not Now, Bernard, though. [Penguin via Guardian]