Paul Oakenfold DJs to His Mates at Stonehenge

By Gary Cutlack on at

Living 1990s DJ relic Paul Oakenfold was granted permission to play a set right next to the hallowed ancient circle of Stonehenge, his orange coat illuminated by the sunset as he bashed out a few tunes for the benefit of 50 invited guests.

Seeing as he's getting on a bit now, there was a charity element to the performance — the set was recorded, and is to be issued under the title Live at Stonehenge with all profits going to English Heritage. Paul Oakenfold has therefore reached the stage of life where he likes walking around castles and buying generic historical gifts from the shop, probably while also pondering his mortality and wondering if any of his recordings will have the permanence of, say, a massive stone structure.

Despite the managers of Stonehenge disallowing amplified music at solstice celebrations lest it shake stones loose or result in to much fun, this one-off was allowed due to the use of what is described as "silent disco technology" to  keep throb to a minimum. Oakey explained his enthusiasm for the project with: "It's an honour, as an Englishman, to play at one of the most iconic sites not just in Britain but in the world. Why Stonehenge? We want to support English Heritage. It's important to let the young generation — any generation — know how important this place is." [BBC]