Pay For Sky TV and Spotify Premium Together If You Have Sky Q

By Kim Snaith on at

Is your Sky TV bill too small? Do you want to add more itemised purchases to it? Now you can! Earlier in the year, Sky added the music streaming service Spotify to Sky Q. And now customers who subscribe to Spotify Premium can pay for that right in their Sky bill, with no need for two separate subscriptions.

If you're keen on streaming music directly through your Sky Q box, it's a handy way to streamline your monthly direct debits, at least. Although there doesn't seem to be any incentive for doing so – it looks like you'll pay the same price whether you pay directly to Spotify or through your Sky bill.

Spotify Premium allows you to save playlists to listen to offline, as well as listen to Spotify's entire library of songs without being interrupted by adverts. If you enjoy music, it's a worthwhile investment, as the frequent adverts soon get annoying.

If you're not already a Spotify Premium customer though, Sky is offering a free three or six month subscription. At £9.99 a month, it's not a bad saving.

You can find out more information about Sky Q and Spotify on Sky's website.