Pie & Mash Seller Blames Vegans for Business Collapse

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of London's older pie & mash shops is going to sell its last ladle of mysterious liquor in a fortnight's time, as the Deptford branch of AJ Goddard's Pie and Mash is going out of business.

The owner blames ongoing gentrification of the area, which is seeing all those weird young people and their different ideas come in and decide not to visit a pie shop that currently has two ENGLAND flags in its window, no doubt staying home and taking a photo of a bowl of overcooked rice to put on Instagram instead.

It's the fad diets that are to blame, thinks manager Simon Clarke, who said: "I've had a few people come in off the streets asking if I do vegan pies. It's like some kind of bad joke -- we're a traditional pie and mash shop, of course we don't sell vegan pies."

You probably could buy some vegan pies from a wholesaler and keep them in the fridge if you really wanted to please the new types of people, though. Waitrose does one for £2.79. Sell it on to all your local incomers as a vegan special for £9, might help with the disastrous TripAdvisor reviews too. [Metro]