Police Force Suggests Grassing up Neighbours Who Look Suspiciously Rich

By Gary Cutlack on at

A slightly odd campaign to grass up your friends and neighbours is being operated by Northamptonshire Police, with "Operation Bling" encouraging members of the public to be on the lookout for people being a bit too conspicuous with their consumption. The subtext being that some rough-looking bloke with a nice phone probably stole it or bought it with ill-gotten money.

"Too much Bling? Give us a Ring!" is the headline on the poster the force is distributing, with the Northants unit on the lookout for people in the area that are enjoying "a lifestyle that is beyond their means" whatever that may mean. Young people made rich through FIFA videos had better watch out, we think, with the police suggesting the public be vigilant for those with "expensive jewellery or designer clothing" as these are telltale signs that money might be flowing in through illegal channels.

They're specifically targeting convicted criminals who may have squirreled away a stash of bank notes or gold bars in a ditch and are using them now, post-conviction, to enjoy a life of luxury. Such proceeds of crime ought to be confiscated and their debts paid back, with Northants' detective super Mark Behan explaining: "If you know someone is a convicted criminal and they have a new car on the drive, a shiny watch on their wrist or have been on yet another holiday, then we want to hear about it. We also want to hear about people who you may suspect of being involved in criminality and have unexplained wealth." [Northants Police]