Pornhub Says Less Than 1% of Subscribers Pay With Cryptocurrency

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in April Pornhub announced that it was going to start letting users pay for premium subscriptions using cryptocurrency, specifically the cryptocurrency Verge - not to be confused with the technology news site The Verge. In the months since it's expanded that option to allow people to pay with TRON and ZenCash, but none of the bigger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on. That probably explains why less than one per cent of all subscriptions are made using cryptocurrency.

This fact was revealed in am email to Hard Fork, showing just how poor cryptocurrency adoption has been with the world's most famous porn site. While it has plans to implement other currencies in the future, including Ethereum and PumaPay, there isn't a solid time-frame for when those will be implemented. That said PumaPay claims it will be integrating with Pornhub sometime in "early 2019", once it's finished development.

So far Pornhub has claimed it will only partner itself with cryptocurrencies that offer built-in anonymity, which is offered by Verge and ZenCash but not TRON. When asked about TRON Pornhub reportedly said the partnership came about because of its "flexible billing options" which include “recurring payments and pay-per-use.”

So Pornhub is going to have to do a lot if it wants to make crypto payments a thing, and personally I feel adopting more mainstream currencies will be a big help. [The Next Web]