Poundland's Homegrown Toblerone Replacement, Twin Peaks, is Coming Back Next Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Poundland finally launched Twin Peaks, a chocolate bar designed to be a cheaper alternative to the Toblerone. It's a bar that has a contentious history, because Toblerone-makers Mondelez sued Poundland claiming the chocolate was a breach of copyright. Mondelez seemingly won that argument, and Poundland agreed it would redesign the chocolate so that it was more like the Wrekin and Ercall hills that supposedly inspired it - and a little bit less like Toberlone's triangles.

It was agreed that Poundland could sell off the 500,000 bars it had already produced, so they didn't go to waste, though this meant there was a weird artificial scarcity people on eBay were happy to take advantage of. But today we have good news, because Poundland has announced Twin Peaks bars are back, and will be going on sale at 8am on Friday 5th October.

As promised the chocolate as had a redesign, skipping the dual isosceles triangle-shape of the original in favour of what you can see above. Now the bar alternates between a scalene triangle and a flat plateau-type thing - which is still apparently inspired by Shropshire's Wrekin and Ercall hills. Each bar will weight 180 grams, more than the discontinued 150g Toblerone bars they were designed to replace, and will be available in milk chocolate and limited edition white chocolate.

The bad news is that anyone wanting to get their hands on the white chocolate Twin Peaks will have to wait until 12th October, and even then they're initially going to be available in limited quantities. But Poundland promises that this will change once production ramps up.

Each bar will be £1, as is the Poundland way. Everything is a pound, unless it's not.