Put Road Signs on the Ground to Protect Phone-Using Pedestrians, Says Transport Expert

By Gary Cutlack on at

A transport expert tasked with stopping us lot strolling into traffic each time a bot likes one of our rubbish tweets has had an idea, suggesting that the pavements of the future might be embedded with more pedestrian advice so we might stand a chance of seeing it in the peripheral vision that surrounds our exciting telephone worlds.

That's the thinking of Shaun Helman from the Transport Research Laboratory, who has already given up working on ways to get people to use their phones less and pay attention more while out and about and suggests more eye and kerb-level signage might be needed to stop near-future us constantly stumbling into roads.

Helman explained: "If we are thinking about injury prevention, there is actually a strong case for redesigning infrastructure over relying on other methods of changing behaviour. If we are to provide information to people dependent on where they are looking, it is vital that this information is placed at points where important decisions need to be made." [The Times]

Image credit: Unsplash