Random Survey Suggests Americans Don't Care About the iPhone's Notch

By Tom Pritchard on at

The idea of notching a phone display is still fairly controversial for some, especially now that phone manufacturers have been following the trend popularised by last year's iPhone X. The notch is either a concept fit for ridicule according to some, something to apologise for by others, or the chance to change phone designs to avoid it while still maximising screen space. But, according to a small survey from USA Today, most American people don't care about it.

While the survey only involved 1,665 respondents, it seems to suggest that the non-nerdy people don't really care that much about the notched display. In fact when asked what features they'd like Apple to include on the new iPhones only 10 per cent of the respondents said they wanted the notch to be removed. That was the lowest scoring feature on the list, while it was topped by some of the usual suspects. 75 per cent asked for better battery life, 66 per cent asked for a shatterproof screen, and 44 per cent said they wanted Apple to include expandable storage.

Other less-popular features on the list included the option to listen to music while charging (39 per cent), to bring back the headphone jack (37 per cent), ditching Lighting  in favour of USB-C (29 per cent), improved FaceID (19 per cent), and better refresh rate for apps (18 per cent).

All of those seem like quite reasonable requests, especially at the top of the popularity scale. iPhones aren't known for their battery life, a fact that isn't helped by the company's insistence on trying to make their devices thin. Similarly the number of people who struggle with shattered screens (not just those made by Apple) means a lot needs to be done from a durability standpoint. Part of me thinks not using its own in-house glass would help Apple there, especially since Gorilla Glass 5 has a good reputation where durability is concerned.

As for expandable storage, well lots of people could benefit form that but it isn't going to happen. Certainly not with a score of 44 per cent, and when it can make a fortune flogging cloud storage. Plus, after all the fuss it made about removing the headphone jack there's no way Apple will reverse course anytime soon. Not on the flagship models anyway, whatever 'budget' options end up being available are still up in the air.

Again this is a very small survey, and there are plenty of problems associated with that, but the fact the notch controversy has died down so much means people are learning to accept it. Now if only Apple could give users the option to fill in the gaps on either side, like the likes of LG, Huawei, and OnePlus, that would be a bonus for the people who are still bothered. [USA Today via 9to5Mac]