Richard Hammond Managed to Hurt a Proper Grown-Up Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

Richard Hammond has taken his attempts to please big boy Jeremy to a whole new level, with the production company behind The Grand Tour revealing that the crash-prone sidekick had his own little fight with a member of the car programme's staff.

Hammond apparently managed to break a man's rib during a bout of wrap-party play fighting while on tour in Namibia, and given how hot it is out there there's a small chance both men were naked while it happened. The production company didn't mention clothing, though, only explaining: "There was a fairly raucous wrap party after we had finished a gruelling shoot. Play fighting did indeed ensue among the crew, including Richard, and a member of the crew did indeed suffer from a broken rib. It remained play fighting throughout and did not get nasty."

Apparently there is no ill feeling between the assistant director and Hammond as a result of the hi-jinks, and the crew member continued to work on the show. [Metro]