Samsung is Open to Collaborating With Google to Improve Bixby

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nobody like Bixby, except the people who work for Samsung. Part of that is because Bixby launched and wasn't very good, with little happening in recent times to improve its position compared to the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant. But it seems Samsung is willing to work with the competition if it means improving Bixby's standing among the world's voice assistants.

When asked about the possibility of integrating Google Assistant into its smart home devices at IFA, Kim Hyun-Suk, Samsung's president and CEO of consumer electronics, said "Samsung is developing its own voice assistant, Bixby, but we could consider various [forms] of collaboration with Google in the field." He added that Bixby might even integrate with Google services, seemingly in places where Samsung doesn't have its own first-party systems in place - like mapping.

That last part makes sense, especially considering Google has had longer than anyone to build and improve upon those services. It wouldn't make sense for Samsung to develop them in-house just for the sake of it. That said, it doesn't make much sense to have a dedicated Bixby button and not let Galaxy owners remap it for something new.

Kim also mentioned that Samsung's size could be used as a bargaining tool to bring Google, or another AI company, on board.

"Samsung is a company that sells around 500 million units of devices worldwide every year, and we can use this as our bargaining power to negotiate the level of cooperation with AI leaders like Google."

It's no confirmation, but it doesn't discount the possibility that Samsung would bring the competition on board to improve its own service. But, if anything, it just further emphasises the fact that Samsung is going to do whatever it takes to cement Bixby's place among the AI assistants people already use. Whether we like it or not. [V3]