Samsung's Adding New Tech to Mid-Range Phones, Not Flagships, From Now On

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday we heard rumours that Samsung would be launching a new phone with four rear-facing cameras before the end of the year. Samsung has a history of launching new tech on the flagships, so it was a little confusing because. As far as we knew, there are no high-end Samsung phones due for release before 2019. But things have changed, because it's been confirmed Samsung will now be releasing new tech on mid-range handsets - meaning that camera rumour makes a lot more sense.

This news was confirmed by DJ Koh, Samsung’s president of mobile communications, during an interview with CNBC at IFA. According to Koh the company is shifting its strategy, and starting this year it plans on releasing new technology on its mid-range Galaxy A handsets rather than the premium phones. According to Koh this change is designed to cater to the younger cash-strapped market:

"So we are very much focusing on millennials who cannot afford the flagship. But how can I deliver meaningful innovation to our millennials? That's the reason I'm trying to differentiate the mid-section,"

You know the people who need a smartphone, but have to pay extortionate rent and can't drop close to £1,000 on a new Galaxy Note.

While it's not clear what sort of feature we can expect, there are a lot of other factors that may be encouraging Samsung to emphasise its cheaper range of phones. For starters there's a lot of competition from China, with the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others offering phones that come with impressive specs for a fraction of the cost of a standard flagship. With most of the Samsung's publicity directed at the premium handsets, any boost to the awareness of mid-range devices would be a welcome addition to Samsung's bottom line.

We probably don't have long to wait, fortunately. It's just under four months before the end of 2018, and that means we should be seeing the first 'innovative' Galaxy A handset anytime now. Maybe it'll have four cameras, or maybe it'll come with something totally different. Whatever happens, it should be interesting - and not just because it gives us a hint of what we might be able to expect from the Galaxy S10. [CNBC via TechRadar]