Smyths Toys Superstores Thrives in a Post-Toys R Us UK

By Kim Snaith on at

Since Toys R Us closed earlier this year, Smyths Toys Superstores has crept into the position of the UK's largest out-of-town toy retailer. And it seems to be thriving as so: in 2017 the company saw a profit increase of 18 per cent and that success continues as the company expands across the country. Since last year, it has spent over £20 million in property purchases to open new stores, and has increase the number of employed staff from 1,888 to 2,195. Not bad considering physical shops are forever dwindling.

Smyths credits part of its success to the sale of Lego. Along with Shopkins-themed toys and superhero brands, the popular plastic brick is one of the shop's best-selling products. The company directors, brothers Thomas, Patrick, Liam and Anthony Smyth, say they are "very please with the increase in profit particularly given the current economic climate". They also stated they're planning further expansion across the UK "in the coming years".

Hopefully their success continues – it's nice to still have at least one good toy shop around. [Toyworld]