Soulless Tech Billionaire Loser Shake Arrives in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Remember how some tech dudes in America decided that eating needed solving? The end result of this was Soylent, the disastrously named crowd-funded tech drink for people too important to eat lunch the normal way or take time out from their important connected lives to peel a sodding banana; nutrition for men for whom eating an antiquated sandwich is wasting time they could be scooting around a campus barking out ideas for new health apps for lesser-paid men called Matt to develop.

Well now, us normal UK people will soon be able to taste the synapse-empowering high-protein joy that is vegan-friendly nutrition fluid Soylent, as the unique blend of stuff meal replacement drink is going on sale here this week. Better still, the formula has been changed to adhere to UK food standards, so it's less likely to make people vomit.

We'll be able to buy original, cacao and cafe mocha varieties of the thick drink from Thursday, although you'll have to commit to having more than one bottle of the stuff, as it's being sold exclusively through Amazon UK in crates of 12 that cost £39.99. That's £3.33 per bottle. The price of a sandwich and some crisps. Can't see it catching on.

Featured image: Wikipedia