Spotify Prepares to Let Anyone Upload Their DIY Acid Bangers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Spotify is making plans to fill one of the more gaping holes in its streaming offering, with a trial about to see it allow so-called indie musicians and their run-by-a-mate record labels self-publish on the platform. Hence anyone may soon be able to become a GarageBand streaming celebrity.

It will appear as part of the Spotify for Artists tool, which has been designed to create hubs for aspiring musicians to build a social profile and share their latest twee acoustic cover versions of Depeche Mode songs their dad made them listen to when they were younger.

The key selling point is the obvious cutting out of the loop of the usual record companies, publishers and digital distributors, meaning that the entirety of the minute fractions of pence that streams earn is paid directly to the artist. The trial has been running in secret for a while, and is about to be opened up to "a few hundred" US artists at first, who'll be able to upload all the old tat they can produce without anyone in a position of authority saying no, or it at least needs a remix first. [Billboard via Mixmag]