Streaming Giants Need the Same Regulation as us, Says BBC Boss

By Gary Cutlack on at

BBC director general Tony Hall has come up with an idea that's fairly impossible to introduce, but still. He'd like to see the massive global media streaming services subjected to the same regulatory regimes as the BBC and the other UK public service broadcasters face, lest original UK content fade from our screens over the coming years.

Hall's words are to be given in a speech to the Royal Television Society this week, where he'll say: "It cannot be right that the UK’s media industry is competing against global giants with one hand tied behind its back. In so many ways -- prominence, competition rules, advertising, taxation, content regulation, terms of trade, production quotas -- one set of rules applies to UK companies, and barely any apply to the new giants. That needs rebalancing, too."

Hall will once again bang on about how he thinks traditional British TV content is under siege from the multinational content streamers, lamenting how young viewers watch Netflix for very nearly as many hours as BBC TV and iPlayer content. It's almost as if the kids aren't that keen on Mrs Brown's Boys, rolling news, nine hours of minor royals getting married, and hearing what Nigel Farage thinks about world issues today. [Guardian]