Tesco's Budget Supermarket, Jack's, is Open For Business

By Kim Snaith on at

Earlier this summer, it was rumoured that Tesco would be chasing after Aldi and Lidl by opening its own spin-off budget chain. It seems those rumours were true, as the first Jack's store opens tomorrow.

Jack's seems like an odd choice to name a Tesco supermarket, but it's actually named after the founder of Tesco, Jack Cohen, who started the company 99 years ago. A unique name – rather than something directly tied to Tesco – also helps give the new supermarket its own identity.

The first Jack's is to open to customers tomorrow in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. It'll be followed by a second store in Immingham, Lincolnshire. Another 10-15 stores are set to open over the next six months. Some will be built on brand new sites, some will be built next door to Tesco stores, and others will be converted from existing Tesco units.

Jack's will stock a much smaller amount of items than a regular Tesco – around 2,600, where a full-size Tesco generally has over 20,000. Most of its stock will be a new own-brand, although it will still stock some known brand items. And, like its direct competition Aldi and Lidl, it'll also have a section of the shop dedicated to selling random stock that'll presumably change on a regular basis, such as household items, pet accessories or back-to-school supplies.

Tesco also boasts that 80 per cent of Jack's food and drink products will be grown or made in the UK. Its shops will purposefully be kept simple in order to cut costs and keep its stock priced as low as possible. The locations of the upcoming Jack's stores have not yet been revealed, but expect more to pop up very soon.

Featured image: Tesco/Twitter