Apple Watch 4's ECG Sensor Can Identify a Certain Heart Defect With 98% Accuracy

By Dave Meikleham on at

Thought Apple's latest wearable only had a shiny new screen to boast about? Think again. Not only is the Apple Watch 4's new display obscenely sharp, the gadget also packs in a range of sophisticated health features, including new ECG tech that can monitor and identify heart defects.

The Apple Watch 4 has a wrist sensor that can monitor its wearer's heart rate, and thanks to new studies, it's been proven the device can identify a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation, or AFib for short.

The findings come from an Apple-sponsored study that was submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration. In the report, it was found the watch's electrocardiogram tech could identify AFib a quite remarkable 98 per cent of the time—it does so by looking for irregular hearts that are either too slow or too fast.

The study, which involved some 588 people, saw the Apple Watch 4's ECG feature also successfully identify 99% of participants who had healthy heartbeats.

In ten years time, the Apple Watch 14 will have no doubt made all GPs and cardiovascular surgeons obsolete.

Although as we've previously reported, reasons to be cynical about this ECG tech remain. [TechRadar]