The First Trailer for Netflix's Hilda Is Full of Lighthearted Magic and Wonder

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

What’s a young girl with a love of the forest and all its many magical creatures and mysteries to do when she’s suddenly uprooted for a move to a nearby city? For Hilda, the titular heroine of Netflix’s upcoming series based on Luke Pearson’s series of graphic novels, the answer is simple.

In the first trailer for Netflix’s Hilda, we meet Hilda, her mother, and the lush world they live in, where giants, trolls, and dandelion-like dog creatures are anything but uncommon. But when the family is forced to move to the city, Hilda soon discovers that there are still all kinds of adventures to embark upon — and that the mystical world exists beyond the forest.

Hilda hits Netflix on September 21.