The Lego Group Named The Most Reputable Company

By Kim Snaith on at

In a recent survey carried out by The Reputation Institute, an organisation dedicated to investigating the public perception of companies, The Lego Group has come out on top.

The survey was generated from data collected from 87,000 members of the public from across five European countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy). It's concerned with collecting data on the kind of "emotional bond" a member of the public can form with a brand, and how that bond can be used to influence purchasing decisions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a high number of people feel connected to the Lego brand, putting them top of the poll of a total of 140 companies. The findings of the survey describe The Lego Group standing out because of "commitment to building a strong corporate brand, investment in corporate social responsibility and a deep sense of purpose to drive greater levels of engagement". But also, people just like playing with colourful plastic bricks.

Lego was chased up by Bosch in second place, and Rolex in third. Equally family friendly The Walt Disney Company trails behind in 8th place, with online retail giant Amazon in 10th. [BrickFanatics]

Featured image: The Lego Group