The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fight Scenes Are Good, But ABBA Makes Them Way Better

By Julie Muncy on at

Okay, sure, so Infinity War was exciting, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier had some of the best fights to grace a superhero movie. Yeah, we know. That’s passe. We need to do more. They need to be better. How about—oh, okay, I’ve got it. Let’s try some ABBA.

That’s right, ABBA, the Swedish dance pop group. As The Mary Sue has delightfully pointed out, some fans have made a hobby out of setting Marvel scenes to the band’s peppy, energetic classics. And the results are, well, they have to be seen and heard to be believed.

Listen, I’m no ABBA expert, but I know good pop when I hear it. And this is good pop used in beautifully absurd ways. The Thor: Ragnarok one, in particular, is a really nice touch. Mashups like this are fun in part because of the way they so self-consciously toy with context. Without context, even the most dramatic scenes can become absurd. And even the most dramatic heroes can become dancing queens.

Please, internet, I ask one thing of you this weekend: make more Marvel/ABBA mashups.