The People of Birmingham Need 5G Mobiles Soon

By Gary Cutlack on at

What people who live in London think is the North is about to receive the first operational 5G mobile networks in the UK, with a hotbed and testbed of 5G technologies given the green light – and £50m of government-backed funds – to connect three cities in the West Midlands.

Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton are the unlikely beneficiaries of the cash, which will be used as part of the Urban Connected Communities Project to test 5G applications and services, before all the connected rubbish the new network supposedly heralds goes live across the country.

As for ideas that'll use 5G, so far they've come up with live-streaming CCTV cameras on buses so the police can crackdown on antisocial behaviour in real time, connected ambulances that ping passenger stats to the hospital, some waffle about self-driving cars as if they'll ever happen, and better remote video link support for GPs and hospitals so the sick don't have to travel to be seen. Not exactly killer innovations that you couldn't do right now over 3G or 4G if bothered and government funded, but still. Imagine the pings when it goes consumer. [GOV]