The Sea Equivalent of Time Team Thinks it's Found HMS Endeavour

By Gary Cutlack on at

HMS Endeavour, Captain James Cook's old boat that he famously used to discover a few places that already existed, has apparently been found after spending nearly 250 years lost at the bottom of the sea.

That's the thinking of a group of ocean explorers in the US at least, who have spent just a couple of decades examining wreck sites off the coast of Rhode Island. That's where the Endeavour, unfortunately renamed Lord Sandwich by a subsequent private owner in its later years, is known to have been scuttled during the American War of Independence in 1778.

Researchers scanning wrecks in the area have pinpointed one that's suspiciously larger than the rest, and although they're not certain, the thinking is that this could well be the remnants of the Endeavour. Timber samples have been taken, and if they're good old British oak, that could be the definitive proof. And if it really is the Endeavour, the Australian National Maritime Museum would like to bring some lumps of it up by the year 2020, when Australia will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of Cook's arrival. [Guardian]