Three Has Shaken up its SIM-Only Plans, and That Means There are Discounts

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone likes saving money, and nobody likes complicated systems when they're just trying to get themselves a phone contract. Today Three has made some changes to its SIM only mobiles deals, including rebranding the 'Essential Plans' as 'Advanced Plans'. While that might sound bad, it doesn't mean the cheaper plans have gone anywhere. In fact the network has reduced the cost of its pricier plans instead.

In the past the difference between Essential and Advanced plans was mainly related to cost, and the perks you'd get with the deal. Essential plans were cheaper, had smaller data and phone allowances, and had very few extra perks to speak of. Advanced plans, on the other hand came with perks like data-friendly Go Binge, global roaming, and so on. Now that the two have essentially been combined, it means that the old Essential plans have a new name and new perks to go with them.

So the cheaper plans now include tethering, EasyJet perks, and support for global roaming, all of which are very useful features - especially if you go abroad. Unfortunately the more home-friendly Go Binge perks are only available if you have at least 12GB of monthly data on your contract. They say the best things in life are free, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the things that aren't.

The better news is that Three has discounted some of the more expensive plans, and while it's not clear how long they'll be in effect we can all agree that paying less money for more data is a good thing. The unlimited everything plan now costs £27 a month instead of £34, the 30GB plan is £17 insead of £18, and the 100GB data plan is £20 a month instead of £31. those are all 12 month contracts, mind, and naturally the discounted monthly deals still cost a few quid more.

Weirdly the 4GB plans have been discounted, but not 8GB or 12GB. Three must be having issue trying to shift that particular plan, and opted to remove £2 from the monthly price to try and encourage people to sign on. You can check them all out here.