Today They Say Roaming Fees Won't Return After Any Sort of Brexit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Either the good Brexit or the bad Brexit won't lead to the mobile phone companies going back on EU-led laws to restrict massive fees for connecting to local networks while abroad, says the man in the government currently in charge of guessing what's going to happen when Brexit O'clock inexorably ticks around.

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab's latest Brexit pronouncement contains news that two of our biggest mobile provides -- Three and Vodafone -- have said they won't whack up mobile roaming fees at the first chance they get, seeing as everyone's spent years on standardising and introducing the lenient roaming fee structures we have in place today and it would make them seem like profiteering baddies were they to do so at one second past midnight on Brexit morning.

Raab says that even if they go back on that promise, or if the other mobile operators think about bringing back the days of it costing £50 to check up on the dog and make sure the abandoned children are still alive from Magaluf, UK-specific laws mirroring current EU roaming directives could be introduced to ensure the networks continue to let us use home bundles while troughing it up at some unlimited buffet in an unremarkable hotel somewhere too hot. [BBC]