TripAdvisor Temporarily Suspends Reviews of Bude's Historic Plastic Tunnel

By Gary Cutlack on at

TripAdvisor is not shying away from making difficult decisions online, as it's moved to suspend the controversial writing of positive reviews of a supermarket's transparent tunnel.

Yes, it can only be the legendary Bude supermarket tunnel, which links its branch of Sainsbury's supermarket to its car park, while also providing somewhere for the trolleys to be stored out of the rain.

This versatile sarcophagus set the internet aflame for a few days last month, as it became briefly fashionable for locals to rate it 5/5 on TripAdvisor, where it was compared to the Taj Mahal, allegedly used as a backdrop for marriage proposals and generally enthused about in an ironic fashion. Hence it became the top-rated thing to do in Bude for a time, much to the annoyance of the town's many B&Bs, restaurants and prostitutes.

It's slipped down to second place now, though, behind Walk Bude's coastal exploration events, thanks to TripAdvisor halting the flood of positive opinions from people the site believes are not reporting from a "first-hand experience" -- as in, people are only pretending to have made the pilgrimage to the great and holy weatherproof car park funnel and are reviewing it based on hearsay alone. [TripAdvisor via BBC]