Uber's Launching a UK Helpline, Available 24/7

By Tom Pritchard on at

Uber has a lot of problems, and to its credit the company has been doing a lot to try and fix some of the things that plague passengers and drivers alike. But things aren't perfect, and that's not helped by the fact there are some crappy people that make life miserable for everyone involved. To try and make it easier to deal with issues caused by those people (and other things) Uber's announced it's launching a 24 hour helpline here in the UK.

If you've ever had issues with Uber in the past you'll know that it's not easy to get in touch with a real person. Though that's not necessarily an issue exclusive to Uber, which I can attest to after having spent a great deal of time sifting through automated messages to ask why Virgin Media was trying to up the price of my broadband. According to Reuters this move is another concession the ride-hailing firm has made to appease regulators, no doubt including those at TfL. Uber's status in London is still probationary, so it's likely its doing whatever it can to ensure it can continue to operate within the city.

The number is a physical phone number, rather than a messaging service that's already built into the Uber app, and according to the company it's designed for low-level incidents. So if something more serious happens, like you're being murdered by a driver or passenger, you should still phone the police using 999 or 10. Which ever one is most appropriate to whichever crime is happening.

Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber UK, said:

“Our new 24/7 phone line is the latest in a series of improvements we’re making for both passengers and drivers. This follows the new app we’ve introduced for drivers, as well sickness, injury, maternity and paternity protections. We always want to offer the best possible service so we’re going to keep listening to customers and make further changes based on their feedback.”