Win For Grammar Police As Cornwall Council Adds Apostrophe to Land's End

By Kim Snaith on at

Apparently until this week, Land's End wasn't officially called "Land's End". It was "Lands End", or, in some horrific cases it was even "Lands' End". I'm a big fan of punctuation, and looking at either of those two makes me feel a bit weird inside.

Thankfully, other people who are also a bit anally-retentive about apostrophe use can celebrate, as Cornwall Council now officially recognises the western-most part of the country as Land's End.

It took a debate of 90 minutes, and input from a "Cornish history expert" to get there, though. As quoted on the BBC website, a representative of the nearby parish of St Just, Ms James, says she "was not an expert on apostrophes", and so had to consult with Craig Weatherhill, a historian who has written books on the local area. Thankfully, he agreed that Land's End should in fact be called Land's End, and not Lands End or Lands' End.

Hopefully, Google gets the memo soon, too, because searching for 'Land's End' currently gives you a handy message that asks 'Did you mean Lands End?'. No Google. No I didn't.

Featured image: Flickr/diamond geezer