A Catholic Church Group Has Launched a Pokémon Go Clone

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're passionate about the idea of video games that get you out into the world interacting with objectives in real world locations, but your church leader believes Pokémon are tools of the devil, then a new smartphone game might fit a little better into your religious life.

Follow JC Go is much like Pokémon Go, in that it uses GPS data to track your movement in the real world, and AR technology to layer the game over video footage of the real world. But instead of Pokémon, it has you tracking down biblical figures in pursuit of learning to follow the path of Jesus Christ.

"Everything today, language and relations, among young people, go through smartphones. We wanted to be there and propose to them an educational video game, that is religious and interactive, and with which they can form evangelisation teams", said Ricardo Grzona, executive director of the Foundation Ramon Pane.

While Pope Francis doesn't really get technology, he apparently is on board with the idea of using technology as a means of bringing youth into religious faith. Which makes you wonder why they didn't call it Popemon Go. Or HolyMon Go? ComeToRome Go? I'll get me coat...

Having downloaded the game on iOS today, potential holy rollers should note that there did not appear to be an option to launch the app in English. Multiple language options showed up, but were unable to be selected. Does the devil have all the best coders too?

This story originally appeared on Kotaku UK.