A Star is Born Isn't Showing At Vue Cinemas Due to Ongoing "Discussions"

By Kim Snaith on at

I don't know about you, but if a mainstream film gets released, I expect to be able to see it at whichever cinema chain takes my fancy. And usually, that is very much the case. Providing the film isn't a more obscure title getting a limited release, whether your local cinema is a Cineworld, Vue or Odeon, that latest Hollywood release will undoubtedly be scheduled to show at some point. Apparently that isn't the case for A Star is Born, a film released last week starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. For reasons that remain pretty unclear, it currently isn't being shown in Vue cinemas.

The BBC has shared a screenshot of Vue's official website with a message that says, "We are working very hard to try and bring you A Star is Born. We are still in discussions with the studio and apologise to all of our customers who were looking forward to seeing the film at Vue." That suggests that the cinema chain and A Star is Born's studio – Warner Bros. – have been unable to come to an agreement to allow the film to be shown.

However, trying to recreate the same message myself on Vue's website has been fruitless. Searching for "A Star is Born" brings back no matches, and searching on Google shows a cache for a booking page, but clicking on it redirects to a general "What's On" page on Vue's website. There has been no official announcement on Vue's Twitter, either, but customer service operators have seemingly been responding directly to disgruntled customers stating they are "working very hard to try and bring [you] A Star is Born".

Image: Twitter/vuecinemas

It's a shame, too, as A Star is Born has received critical acclaim – an impressively high 88 on Metacritic – but unless Vue and Warner Bros. come to an agreement soon, it looks like you'll have to go elsewhere to see Cooper and Gaga sing songs together. [BBC]