A Tracer Minifigure is Our First Real Look at Lego's Upcoming Overwatch Range

By Tom Pritchard on at

It was first announced that gaming hit Overwatch would be getting the Lego treatment back in May, and the Lego Company has been releasing several teases in the months since to try and drum up some hype. But, today is the first day we get a proper look at what's to come. It's not much, just a minifigure, but it's better than those silhouettes that were revealed at Gamescom.

It seems fitting that the first real look at Lego Overwatch involves Tracer, the time-travelling Brit featured on the cover of every copy of the game. You can see her foe yourself in this teaser video, which was released on the official Overwatch Facebook page:

There's not much else on show, but it looks as though Lego's done a faithful recreation of Tracer's in-game counterpart, spiky hair and all. While there's no indication on when Lego will reveal more information about the Overwatch range, the fact we can see one of the (no doubt) many minifigures for real means we shouldn't have too long to wait to see what else is coming.

Unfortunately we don't know when the first Overwatch sets are likely to be released. At this point it seems likely it won't be before Christmas, unless Lego is planning to release stock a day or two after some sort of official announcement. We'll have to wait and see, but I wouldn't hold my breath. [Brickset]