Actually Yes, Do Send Us All Your Old Crisp Packets Now, Walkers Says

By Gary Cutlack on at

People power has worked, yo, with a fist pump in the air coming from all those who posted their crisp packets back to Walkers – celebrating news that empty crisp packets are now welcome in the Walkers office as it has signed a new and oddly hasty recycling deal to slow the inexorable flood of licked-clean crisp packets into the environment.

Apparently, an innovation in recycling has occurred in the last 10 days or so, either that or the crisp behemoth has decided to invest a little more in packet sorting and recycling to mitigate the masses of international negative publicity a grass roots anti-Walkers campaign generated.

Although... Walkers won't be getting its hands directly covered in salt residue and saliva left in the corners by your needy, never-satisfied, onion-powder-seeking tongue, as third-party recycling expert Terracycle is handling the entire process, which will see returned crisp packets from all manufacturers returned in postage-paid envelopes supplied by Walkers, where they'll be shredded and turned into plastic pellets -- the base DNA material for all of modern life.

Ian Ellington, from the crisp brand's owner PepsiCo, said:"Our new Walkers recycling initiative starts to tackle this issue right now by repurposing used crisp packets to create everyday items such as plant pots and benches. We hope people will embrace this idea and join us in ensuring crisp packets are recycled."

The recycling push kicks off in December, when the UK's crisp eaters can begin requesting free envelopes to stick their saved packets in, or drop them off at one of the "hundreds" of crisp-packet-only recycling points that will be installed across the country. [BBC]