All Aboard the Tube Trainers: Adidas Reveals London Underground Shoes

By Holly Brockwell on at

The London Underground visual identity is one of the few things called 'iconic' that actually is, so it's no surprise that a whole bunch of merch exists.

While you could already buy cushions in various tube lines' moquette (that's the official word for the fabric they use on the seats) and roundels for your wall, Adidas has quite literally taken a step further by introducing a line of London Underground trainers.

They're intended to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Oyster card, but we're not sure tube fans will much care what the rationale is as long as they get a pair.

That won't be too easy, though: each design will be limited to 500 pairs, and will cost £80. However, for reasons that we don't entirely understand, you also get a fancy Adidas Oyster card in its own leather wallet with £80 of credit on it. Which makes the trainers basically free.

We reckon people would have bought them without all the free tube money, but you can't deny it's a good deal – though not as good as Berlin got when Adidas did a similar scheme there. The 180 Euro shoes worked as an annual transit pass, which usually costs over 700 Euro.

The new shoes go on sale this Saturday at Shoreditch's Hanbury Street and Fouberts Place Adidas Originals branches, plus some other shops and boutiques.

The Oyster Club Pack, as it's called, comprises three designs:

Temper Run, with a 'Mind the Gap' roundel on its tongue:

Continental 80, with the original Metropolitan line route between Farringdon and Paddington:

And ZX 500 RM, apparently inspired by the old ads you find tucked away in unused tube stations.

Will you be getting a pair? Weird idea, or the perfect trainers to wear while having your toes crushed onboard a packed Central Line train (sadly they don't include steel toecaps)? Let us know in the comments. [Evening Standard]