After Sprout and Candy Cane Flavours, Tesco's Camembert Crisps Just Sound Boring

By Tom Pritchard on at

As we all know Christmas is a time for big brands and supermarkets to come up with some really weird festive products. Weird like sprout and pig flavoured teas, crisps with tones of Christmas/Pine tree, sprout, and toothpaste candy cane. After all that, Tesco's new Camembert flavour crisps just sound dull. And by dull I mean they sound normal, and not likely to make me wish I was eating an old sock.

Tesco describes the crisps as combining !the creamy, melty flavour of Camembert cheese with the taste of rosemary", which doesn't sound that bad. It's certainly not as eye-catching as adding the flavour of one of the most reviled vegetables in existence. But then again cheese is cheese, and adding a posh kind of it to crisps is going to be lost on most people. They are Tesco Finest, so it's possible these are aimed at the cheese snobs of the world, but my guess is they'll turn their nose up because the supermarket hasn't captured the true taste and aroma of the real thing.

Maybe the casual turophiles out there will give these a go, and at £1 per 150 gram bag they're not exactly expensive. They're made from 100 per cent British potatoes too, which should prove handy next year when we find we can't import any from Europe. Yeah you thought the Brexit comments would leave with James O'Malley? You were wrong.

They're available in-store and online right now.