Aldi Has Your Dad's Post-Divorce Christmas Dinner Sorted

By Gary Cutlack on at

The trend of putting things in massive Yorkshire puddings continues in 2018, with budget supermarket Aldi revealing a new all-in-one sadmeal you can eat out of the packaging while pretending everything is going to be OK.

For just £2.49 diners can enjoy a full roast dinner that is contained entirely within a large Yorkshire pudding bowl, although given the general porosity of the pudding, there's an additional foil tray required for support. You can eat it out of that, though, to save getting your only plate out of the sink and washing it up. You may need a fork, though, however it might be possible to fold it up like a pizza slice and eat it with hands. Check out our YouTube channel for the forthcoming review.

Chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing and what will almost certainly be a very disappointing "mini sausage" are included in the feast, plus gravy obviously, and it's British chicken too, as if we, as a nation, are world-renowned for poultry production. There's also a union flag on the box. You know who this is meant for. [Mirror]