Alidi's Specialbuys Get Weirder With an £899 Thermal Camera

By Tom Pritchard on at

Aldi has a tendency to stock some pretty bizarre stuff. Stuff that you can't help but pick up and take home with you, just in case it comes in handy one day. In the past it pushed that to more of an extreme with a 3D Printer, but now the discount supermarket has pushed it even further with a thermal imaging camera that costs £899.

There are a lot of benefits to having a thermal camera around, even if it's just on loan, and especially at this time of year. You can wander the house finding areas where the insulation isn't up to scratch, and make sure you're not letting all the precious heat radiate outside where it's just going to go to waste. Aldi points out that this particular camera can also be used to detect water leaks, and see which of your devices are overheating. Overheating means too much power's being used, which is costing you money.

The camera itself can detect temperatures between -20 and 350 Celsius, which is displayed on a 240 x 320 resolution LCD display. It only has 100MB of dedicated storage, but can be expanded with up to 8GB of microSD expansion, and has focusable lenses for higher accuracy. On top of that it also has an LED light, an integrated camera, plus video and voice recording capabilities.

The downside is that the camera is going to cost £899, which is more than the price of the thermal imaging CAT S61 smartphone. But if it sounds like the kind of device you want, you can pre-order it from Aldi's website right now, ready to be dispatched on Sunday.