Amazon's Going to Let You Try on Clothes Before You Pay For Them

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in the olden days you could wander into any shop to try on clothes, then dump them with an underpaid and overworked fitting room attendant. All because you decided they either didn't fit, made your bum look too big, or turned out to be Hammer pants in disguise. In the world of online shopping that doesn't really work, since you have to pay for the stuff first, see if it's good enough, and then send it back in the hopes you'll get a refund. Unless you're an Amazon Prime Member, that is.

Prime Wardrobe was launched in the US last year, and it seems to have worked well enough for the retailer to bring it to the UK. The premise is simple: Prime members can have six to eight items of clothing delivered to them. Once they've arrived you have a week to decide whether you want to keep or return the clothes. If you return them the whole process costs you nothing, but naturally if you keep stuff Amazon will make you pay. After all it's not a charity, and Jeff Bezos has to pay for his rockets somehow.

The better news is that people who keep clothes will get some sort of discount, getting £5 items worth over £100 or £20 off items worth over £200. So really it's in your best interest to try stuff before making any sort of commitment - assuming you're spending that much on clothes, of course.

This means people with awkward proportions don't have to go and try things on in a real shop to make sure their clothes actually fit. No doubt this will help increase Amazon's share of the UK's clothing market, which The Guardian claims is only around one per cent of total sales. So this is bound to be bad news for the high street chains who still seem to dominate the market, but then again they can always go and ask Mike Ashley for help if they end up in trouble. [The Guardian]