An Upcoming Black Mirror Episode Will be a 'Choose-Your-Own Adventure' Story

By Tom Pritchard on at

At the tail-end of last year Netflix announced that it was planning to develop a choose-your-own adventure-style TV show for adults - following on from a successful foray into the same sort of programming aimed at kids. Now we have our first news of what that will involve, because an upcoming episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror will let viewers choose what happens.

This news comes from Bloomberg, who have reported a single episode of the upcoming fifth series will be interactive. Apparently it's the first of many experiments dabbling with live-action interactive programming, with plans firmly locked in for a second sometime in the near future. Bloomberg says Netflix is negotiating for rights to develop more, but those plans have yet to be finalised. As to what they might involve, sources tell the site that at least two project are centred around video games, but the streaming company has no plans to release any games of its own.

We already know that Netflix would be bringing Minecraft: Story Mode to its service before the end of the year, in conjunction with the recently shuttered Telltale games, though this likely isn't one of the projects Bloomberg's sources are talking about. How that isn't a video game isn't clear, so we'll have to wait and see what's going on there.

It's not clear how the Black Mirror episode will function, though it's bound to be a lot more complicated than the interactive stories Netflix has already been produced. Kids are stupid, after all, and while adults are sometimes equally dumb they're a lot harder to please. Whatever happens, though, there isn't likely to be a happy ending. Just a bad ending, and even worse endings if you choose the wrong path. This is Black Mirror, after all, and it isn't known for its positive outlook on the future of humanity's relationship with technology. [Bloomberg]