Apparently Everything Needs AI These Days, Even the Vibrators

By Tom Pritchard on at

AI is the new big thing in the tech industry, so naturally it has to be included in just about everything. Speakers, cameras, photo galleries, and... vibrators? That's what Vibease wants to do, because it's launched a Kickstarter page for a new lip-stick shaped vibrator that has some AI integration built in. No I'm really not making this up.

Vibease is actually described as a 'smart lipstick' at first, even though it doesn't seem to have any sort of make up-applying qualities. But they don't make any attempt to hide the fact this is a vibrator, and is designed to help people have orgasms. The lipstick thing is just for discretion, though a quick look online tells me that this design isn't that rare. But why AI? Apparently it was inspired by the film Her where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the disembodies voice of Scarlet Johansson, because everyone needs a dildo with a voice.

The good news is that the AI voice doesn't come from the Vibease itself. The 'virtual partner' actually comes from a smartphone companion app, allowing you hands-free control of the Vibease's functions. That is bound to be pretty helpful, because the last thing any sort of solo sex sessions need are you having to fiddle with your phone to adjust the settings.  Then again it also seems to be able to say many cringey-sounding things like "your voice sounds beautiful" and "how was your day". That reminds me of the 'porn for women' scene from 30 Rock if I'm being totally honest:

Vibease has plenty of other features on offer too. It can sync up with romance and erotic audio books so you can listen along and enjoy two things at once, it has various vibration settings, water resistance (helpful), offers quiet running, and can be controlled remotely in case you have a partner who wants to get in on the action. Vibease also promises that everything is encrypted, so you should be able to avoid getting hacked, and it's compatible with Android and iOS devices.

If you love the idea of a dildo that can (sort of) talk back, then one of these will cost you $59 (£46) with the promise of a December dispatch. Assuming enough people pledge, that is. Currently they have to raise just under £13,000 to succeed. But considering they've raised nearly £7,000 in three days that shouldn't be an issue.