Apple is Indeed the Best Private Employer in the UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

A new survey from recruitment website Indeed has revealed that the best private sector company to work for in the UK in terms of work-life balance, benefits and general happiness is none other than Apple.

The survey is good news for the fruity phone firm, which recently became the world's first $1 trillion company and is one of the most-loved brands not just in tech but consumer products in general.

It's not unusual for a technology company to have a high valuation and a positive public image, but often that comes at the expense of the people working behind the scenes. Silicon Valley companies are well known for their 'hustle' culture (sigh), in which young, single employees are often recruited en masse to work all the hours and then burn out.

It's good to hear that a tech company can not only do well but actively excel without taking that approach, particularly when the news is coming from an independent survey and not the company itself (obviously every company is number one for happiness in its own press releases).

Hopefully the result sends a message to firms that continue to advertise for 'rockstars' and boast about their caffeine (or worse) fuelled work schedules, while dead-eyed workers tell their children that no, daddy won't be home for dinner, again.

The top 20 companies in the survey are a pretty mixed bunch, with Apple the only tech brand among them:

    1. Apple
    2. Wren Kitchens
    3. GlaxoSmithKline
    4. Homeserve
    5. Rolls-Royce
    6. Nando's
    7. Lush Cosmetics
    8. John Lewis and partners
    9. Unilever
    10. Marks and Spencer
    11. Harrods Ltd
    12. BBC
    13. Barclays
    14. Clarks
    15. Pandora Jewellery
    16. Cargiant
    17. Liverpool Football Club
    18. Adidas
    19. Thomson Reuters
    20. Estée Lauder

No sign of Google, Amazon, or Apple's other big UK competitors.

Indeed's Bill Richards says of the survey:

"The difference between a good job and a great job can vary from person to person, but our ranking shows some common themes shine through.

Companies that make their employees feel valued and offer a positive working environment score consistently highly among the reviews posted on Indeed.

As we continue to see for many staff, work-life balance, career prospects and a great workplace culture can all mean more than a good salary alone."

Apple currently has around 6,500 employees in the UK, and we imagine they'll be recruiting more to staff the newly-refurbished Covent Garden store before long, so get working on that CV if you fancy a bigger slice of the work-life pie. [Sky]