Apple TV Owners Might Get Apple's Incoming Original Content For Free

By Holly Brockwell on at

Rumour (and CNBC, and MacRumors) has it that Apple is working on a new digital video service with the interesting business plan of spending £££ on content and then giving it away for free.

The new service, which doesn't yet have a name but is definitely not going to be called iTV (someone's got that, apparently), will include existing content from big names, plus new stuff cooked up by the geniuses at Apple.

The new service will go live in the pre-installed TV app on Apple devices, and content owned or created by Apple will be free to view. There'll also be paid subscriptions available to services like HBO, which seems a bit pointless except for not having to separately download the HBO app. Of course, whether we'll get any of this in the UK remains to be seen – we really don't need another way to get iPlayer content, thanks.

The new service is being overseen by Peter Stern, formerly Chief Strategy Officer at Time Warner Cable. It'll be his job to strike deals with the big content companies to populate the service.

Meanwhile, Apple is also allegedly on the hunt for family-friendly TV ideas to add to the $1bn of shows it's said to be developing this year, so if you have a PG programme idea, now's the time to get pitchin'.

If Carpool Karaoke is anything to go by quality-wise, the bar is... not that high. Good luck!

Main image: Harrison Weber via Flickr CC