Apple Pay Cash's UK and European Launch Could be Imminent

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been a while since Apple Pay first came to be, and as part of the ongoing evolution of Apple's financial services the company launched Apple Pay Cash at the end of last year - essentially turning itself into a PayPal competitor and letting users send and receive money from other people. Apple Pay Cash is currently only available in the US, but it looks like we could be very close to seeing it launch in the UK and other European countries as well.

French site is reporting that one of its users was able to set up one of their cards with Apple Pay Cash, with 9to5Mac noting that options are also being spotted by others in Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy. On top of this Apple has added a German support page for the service, suggesting something is happening.

Unfortunately users have been faced with false alarms before, and there are reasons to be sceptical. Apparently the Belgian system has been asking users for a US social security number, which suggests it hasn't been fully localised yet. Or at least, a localised version hasn't been rolled out by Apple's software people. There were also reports from users in Spain and the UK claiming they were given an Apple Pay Cash setup option back in February - an event that was followed by no launch of announcement of any kind.

Apple being Apple, we're not likely to hear anything about this until an official launch is ready to go, so keep your eyes open over the next few weeks to see what happens. There are plenty of competing services out there, but given how iOS devices are so embedded in Apple's ecosystem (and the fact it pesters you about them almost non-stop), this should make life slightly more convenient for iPhone owners - especially since Apple Pay Cash works within iMessage and doesn't incur any transaction costs if you're using a debit card. [ via 9to5Mac]