Fancy White Chocolate & Caramel Cheese? Asda Thinks You Do

By Holly Brockwell on at

Asda is launching a truckle of Wensleydale cheese with... salted caramel and white chocolate. 'Scuse us while we hurl up our breakfasts.

According to Metro, the 90g lump of cheesy weirdness will cost just one British pound and contain 406 calories per 100g. So if you eat the whole thing, that'll be 365 calories: one for every day of the year. Woo.

The Christmassy cheese joins some other strange food choices in Asda's lineup, including ghost crumpets for Halloween:

Apparently, cows at the farm that supplies Asda with cheese get to listen to Calvin Harris, so at least you can buy the £1 chocolate cheese (if you must) safe in the knowledge that the cows it came from are having a bangin' good time.

Calvin Harris/cheese puns in the comments, please.